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What is Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Ever Wondering what SEO or search engine optimization stands for ? read on to find out!. The internet has become one of the most important inventions in the past century. In fact, a lot of enterprises worldwide are running because of this medium. You can use it to get all kinds of things ranging from information to entertainment.

Search engine optimization

Realizing the power of the internet, people who run and own websites know that getting their sites exposed to the people can be very profitable. There are many ways to get this done, with one of the most important techniques available being search engine optimization, also popularly known as SEO.

What is SEO and how can it help you? This article will show some of the things you should know about it.


Search Engine Optimization Definition

SEO is defined as the process of affecting the visibility of a website in search engine websites. Also known as natural/organic/earned results, proper execution of this technique will help a website and/or one of its pages to appear more frequently in search engine results and get as close to the upper end of results as possible.

With better results in searches, the odds of the web page being visited become significantly higher. With better exposure, achieving the goals of the page (ex.: selling products, sharing info) becomes more attainable. It must be noted that paid results don’t count.


While some people may think that search engine optimization is a new phenomenon, this is actually not the case. Even during the earliest days of the internet, the concept of SEO has already existed. It is said that the term SEO was first coined in 1997. Webmasters recognized how important it is to optimize their websites for enhanced visibility in searches.

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Different criteria are used by crawlers for ranking websites: the quality of the content, the presence of specific keywords in different portions of the content, and the links going in and out of the page.

Complex and Sophisticated Tasks

Over the years, the function of search engines has become more sophisticated with time. There was a time when inserting as many keywords as possible is enough to get a specific website to gain high rankings. Realizing such unscrupulous practices, search engine operators decided to refine how their engines function.


By constantly modifying algorithms in their crawling and indexing systems, they were able to filter content in the order of relevance of content more effectively. All these are basically there to help search engine operators provide better service for internet users and avoid bad online practices such as spamming.


Given the ever-increasing complexity of search engine function, being an SEO practitioner can be described as something like a cat-and-mouse play. Being an SEO practitioner pays very well, but he also needs to keep up with a lot of challenges.


Aside from devising strategies for content construction that fit within the algorithms being used by search engines, they also got to compete against other SEO practitioners for better search rankings. The competition is certainly fierce, but the formula for success is still more or less the same: create relevant content and play within the rules set by search engines.


Search Engine Optimization Applications


Search engine optimization has all kinds of uses. One of the most important modern applications of SEO is as a form of market strategy. After all, getting enough online exposure is one of the biggest ways to gain more clients. However, not everyone considers SEO as the most ideal technique for some business entities.


What’s more, they can be overshadowed by other techniques such as paid results. However, when done the right way, there’s no doubt that the right boost SEO strategy can yield a huge return of investment. It can help small companies become more competitive in an online world and it can also help big companies to gain a firmer hold in the market.


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